Hardscape Alki

hardscape-alki-waAs a rockery contractor since 2004, we have been using magnificent indigenous rock boulders as hardscape elements to accent residential landscapes including beautiful installations of steps and risers of natural stone products and concrete.

We have a remarkably talented team providing a diverse skill set that includes creative design, hardscape construction, and the artistry and finesse of rock setting by machine operators that lay each rock with placement precision.

Our entire team is passionate about delivering exceptional hardscaping services to homeowners, such as, but not limited to:

  • Custom-designed outdoor living spaces as an extension of your home
  • Retaining walls for erosion control
  • Dramatic home entrances with patio pavers & paver walkways
  • Beautiful, rich-colored rock seating walls and planters
  • Steps and risers
  • Indigenous rock for shoring up private waterfronts
  • Carefully-placed accent boulders within gardens and landscapes

Call today to learn more about the use of hardscape elements that will provide pleasure and add value to your home.

Hardscaping Alki

hardscaping-alki-waWith a professional team of experts, we strive to provide the highest quality hardscaping services including design, construction and installation of structural elements that add color, contrast, texture and form to an uninspiring landscape.

Our hardscaping in the Alki beach area can add an elegant touch to your landscape with accent boulders carefully set inside your gardens, a dynamic driveway and entrance to your home with patio pavers & paver walkways, a spectacular rock wall, or outdoor living spaces as a seamless extension to your home.

We work directly with the quarry in selecting materials such as:

  • Basalt, granite or limestone for rockery constructions
  • Natural stone products for steps and risers
  • Indigenous rock boulders for retaining walls, gardens and landscapes
  • Tile, brick or natural stone for patio pavers & paver walkways

Call today to learn more about our creative designs and innovative ideas for integrating beautiful rock structures and elements into your landscape.

Patio Pavers & Paver Walkways Alki

patio-pavers-alki-waWith an installation of patio pavers & paver walkways in the Alki beach area, we can transform the entrance to your property with a distinctive tone that complements the architectural design of your home and landscape.

Our design team can work with you to blend balance, artistry and texture in providing breathtakingly picturesque accessibility to your property, or increased usability of your outdoor spaces with multi-tiered outdoor living spaces as a gathering destination for family and friends.

With years of experience as a rockery contractor since 2004, we are proud recipients of award-winning honors from Houzz 2017 and 2018 and Angie’s List. We would be honored to work with you to help shape your vision with innovative and creative ideas.

The following list includes some of our popular material choices:

  • Rich and colorful blends of red, brown and charcoal brick
  • Limestone, slate, granite or travertine tile
  • Natural stone
  • Old-World charm of blended shades of cobblestone

Call Olympic Rockeries and Construction for installations of multi-tiered outdoor living spaces and natural stone patio pavers & paver walkways that will add charm, elegance and class to your property. 206-456-6303