Hardscape Redmond

hardscape-redmond-waWe have an experienced team that consistently designs and builds hardscape elements with exceptional artistry and finesse.

Hardscape construction involves the addition of hard elements to a landscape using natural and man-made, non-living materials.

With years of experience as a rockery contractor since 2004, we have a professional design team working hand-in-hand with our construction team to provide functional and elegant hardscapes in Redmond to complement all types of landscape configurations:

  • Functional and timeless retaining walls
  • Rock landscaping, walls and gardens
  • Steps and risers using concrete and various stone products
  • Patio pavers & patio walkways to accent your residential landscape
  • Stone landscaping installations of all types

We use the finest quality products to beautify outdoor living spaces, including direct dealings with the quarry to achieve a flawless match that meets the expectations of our clients.

Call our office today for an initial consultation with our design team to learn more about our hardscaping services and capabilities.

Hardscaping Redmond

hardscaping-redmond-waOur specialized rockery projects involving hardscaping in Redmond require thoughtful design and engineering solutions as well as construction finesse to ensure that the placement of each rock is perfect.

With the experience and expertise of our team, we strive to add the elegance and beauty that our customers expect, even as we are successfully solving challenges of a steep bank, an awkward corner, or erosion and drainage issues.

Our beautiful designs and functional forms are constructed from a broad range of hardscaping materials, with some of our most popular options that include:

  • Granite, basalt and limestone for rockery constructions
  • Keystone, Kelly, ultra, and ecology blocks for retaining walls
  • Use of concrete and various stone products for steps and risers
  • Brick, tile or natural stone for patio pavers & paver walkways

We are known for our professional approach, innovative ideas, and finesse with machinery that delivers exceptional results.

Call for a consultation to begin working on creative ideas for your project!

Patio Pavers & Paver Walkways Redmond

patio-pavers-redmond-waYou can look to us for innovative ideas and creative designs to enhance your landscape with outdoor living spaces and beautiful path styles using patio pavers & paver walkways in Redmond.

For greater enjoyment of your outdoor space, we have a team of professionals that can design and create the ultimate stone path leading to your gazebo or winding through your garden. Perhaps you are contemplating outdoor living spaces as an extension of your home for entertaining and relaxation, adding flat stones and concrete as steps and risers to reach other parts of your landscape.

We welcome the opportunity to become your design and construction partner using patio pavers & paver walkways in creative material choices to complement the architectural design of your home and landscape, such as, but not limited to:

  • Natural stone
  • Slate, travertine, granite or limestone tile
  • Interesting blends of brick laid in the traditional herringbone pattern
  • Darker grey cobblestone with Old World charm

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