Hardscape Woodinville

hardscape-woodinville-waWe can beautify your outdoor landscape with hardscapes in Woodinvillle!Our professional team with its diverse skill set can add elegance to complement the architectural design of your home and landscape with hardscaping constructions such as:

  • Functional outdoor living spaces as a gathering destination
  • A dramatic entrance to your home with patio pavers & paver walkways
  • Indigenous rock boulders for landscaping or construction of a wall or garden
  • Steps and risers using natural stone products and concrete
  • Retaining walls using rock or blocks

With our years of experience in rockery construction and design of hardscape elements since 2004, we are proud recipients of award-winning honors from Houzz 2017 and 2018 and Angie’s List.

Our professional team has a reputation for design elegance, high quality construction, and the artistry and finesse of its machine operators in laying each rock with precision and perfection.

Call us for a critical hardscape addition to your garden, an engineering solution with retaining walls for steep banks, shoring up your private waterfront, or replacing a cracked concrete driveway and sidewalk with patio pavers & paver walkways. We do it all!

Hardscaping Woodinville

hardscaping-woodinville-waOne of the dramatic ways of enhancing your landscape or the entrance to your home is installing hardscaping features.

Whether we are adding elements primarily for beautification, or providing engineering solutions for erosion and drainage issues, our professional team understands the need for balancing dimension, color, topography, aesthetics and function to bring about the landscape transformation expected by our clients.

We deal directly with the quarry to fulfill your requirements with materials such as:

  • Basalt, granite or limestone for rockery constructions
  • Use of natural stone products and concrete for steps and risers
  • Boulders for retaining walls, gardens and landscape

We also offer Keystone, Kelly, Ultra, and ecology blocks for construction of retaining walls, and the durability and beauty of granite, slate, limestone or travertine tile for patio pavers & paver walkways.

Place a call today to learn more about our innovative ideas for integrating elements of hardscaping in Woodinville that can add new life to your landscape.

Patio Pavers & Paver Walkways Woodinville

patio-pavers-woodinville-waThere is nothing that quite competes with the beauty and elegance of patio pavers & paver walkways in presenting a distinctive entrance to your home!

While softscapes add curb appeal and beauty to your landscape, adding an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to move within your gardens and outdoor spaces with patio pavers & paver walkways in Woodinville is one of the finest ways to accomplish that.

If you need professional help to shape your vision for a specific project, our creative design team stands ready to provide innovative ideas for transforming your outdoor spaces and giving new life to your landscape.

The following list includes some of our most popular material choices:

  • Contemporary natural stone
  • Colorful blends of rich red brick
  • Dar grey cobblestone with its Old-World charm
  • Granite, limestone, slate or travertine tile

Call Olympic Rockers and construction to begin work today to craft your project! 206-456-6303