Rain and Winter Hardscape Repair & Restoration

Rain, snow, and sudden weather changes are synonymous with Seattle’s environment. These climate conditions can cause cracks, foundation movement, debris accumulation, and other damages to your rockeries, retaining walls, and other hardscape features in your landscape.

1.) Rain and snow can cause your landscape soil and foundation to collapse, causing a landslide effect on your property. This can shift and realign your rockery and retaining wall elements.

2.) Sudden temperature changes can chip, tear, or cause cracks to your rockery and retaining walls. This eventually leads to uneven foundation support and instability. Over time, a domino effect can occur, damaging other elements of your landscape.

3.) Time is also a major factor causing wear and tear to your outdoor living space. Gradually, old and deteriorating rockery and retaining wall elements can affect the aesthetic quality and functionality of your landscape.

Olympic Rockeries & Construction can help residential owners inspect, maintain, and repair imperfections that are cause by these conditions. Preventative maintenance and repairs will save you time and money from future costly damages. We also provide emergency services and drainage solutions.

If you have any questions about a repair or maintenance scenario, please contact our experts and we can help you make the right assessment and recommendation.

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