Retaining Wall Bellevue

Retaining-Wall-Bellevue-WAIs your property located on a hill and has an unusable, sloped backyard? Are you looking for an expert retaining wall builder in the Bellevue, WA area to flatten out the yard to maximize your outdoor living area?

If yes, then Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the company you need to call. We have been designing and constructing retaining walls in the properties here since 2004.

Our expertise as a retaining wall contractor includes working with a wide variety of materials. The vast choice offered by us to customers for building their retaining walls in Bellevue include:

  • Kelly blocks
  • Keystone blocks
  • Ecology blocks
  • Ultra blocks
  • Stone boulders
  • Igneous rock

Call us today to hire as your retaining wall contractor and get started on the project for creating a terrace backyard with strategically located retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Bellevue

Retaining-Wall-Builder-Bellevue-WAWhile built primarily as stabilizing structures that hold back the earth and guard against downslope soil erosion, retaining walls can also be used for enhancing the aesthetics of the landscaping.

We have handled a number of jobs as a retaining wall builder in Bellevue building walls to landscape a sloped garden and even create an elevated planting bed in a normal, flat yard.

Whether we construct retaining walls for the functional utility or visual appeal, our commitment as a retaining wall contractor is towards ensuring that the structures that come up are:

  • Strong
  • High-performing and effective
  • Attractive
  • Blending well in the surroundings
  • Perfect for accommodating the soil pressure against them
  • Built to stand the test of time

We ensure similar results when our services as a retaining wall contractor are sought for installing a bulkhead or waterfront rock barrier.

Retaining Wall Builder Bellevue • Wall Construction Contractor

Retaining-Wall-Contractor-Bellevue-WAWe take great pride in ensuring a high degree of professionalism on all jobs where we are the retaining wall builder. Our company strives to build retaining walls that increase the pleasure property owners can get from their landscape and make them our lifelong patrons.

Our extensive experience as a retaining wall contractor in Bellevue and beyond shows in our:

  • Seamless workmanship
  • Hassle-free service
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Timely job completion
  • Friendly customer service

Work with us and know first-hand what makes such as popular retaining wall builder!

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is a skilled retaining wall contractor that Bellevue residents should turn to when improper grading presents a challenge in landscaping of their yard. Call (206) 456-6303 sign us up as our retaining wall builder.