The Benefits of a Building a Retaining Wall


Wondering whether a retaining wall is the right solution for you? We want you to be fully informed about how retaining walls can enhance your outdoor living space.

1.) Control Downhill Erosion-

Olympic Rockeries can help you to assess your situation and provide a solution to a problematic and potentially dangerous downhill erosion. Downhill erosions can cause unwanted aesthetic challenges in your landscape and can be a safety hazard. Without proper care, they cause landscape and architectural damage to your property. The right retaining wall design and proper materials can provide an effective solution to this unwanted situation.

2.) Firm Foundation-

Retaining walls can be a trustworthy solution to level unwanted hills and problematic slopes caused by a variety of geological conditions. Retaining walls can also add a solid foundation to prevent future erosion or help with climate changes that can reconfigure your landscape. Olympic Rockeries can assist you in determining a custom solution to your specific situation.

3.) Landscape Beautification

Garden and landscape enthusiasts use retaining walls as a design element. Retaining walls can be an attractive addition to enhance the aesthetic quality and functionality of your landscape. With years of experience to draw from, Olympic Rockeries specializes in innovative and visually appealing retaining wall design and construction.

Seattle Rockeries

When it comes to designing and constructing rockeries in Seattle, WA, Olympic Rockeries and Construction is one of the best contractors out there!

A striking landscaping feature made primarily using boulders or stones, rockery adds a rustic touch to the yard. Rockeries lend themselves to multiple applications and can be used for decorative as well as functional purposes. Some ways in which rock can be used in landscaping are:

  • For highlighting specific plantings
  • Around a water feature
  • In place of a traditional lawn
  • To stabilize sections of a sloped yard

We specialize in installing rockeries of different styles. Seattle residents who are interested in adding rock to their landscape design should not think twice about getting in touch with us!

Our landscaping experts can be called in for anything from rock wall construction to installation of a dry pebble riverbed to creating rockeries with innovative combination of stones and plants.

Seattle Rockery Wall

We can build rockery wall as an element of extensive rockeries or carry out rock wall construction in yards that need a retaining wall.

A rockery wall is one of the best choices for protecting a sloping area in the yard from erosion. Rock wall construction not only grades the land, but also adds rugged texture and color to the landscape.

We have highly trained crews who are experienced in building rockery wall of any type and size. The popular materials with which our technicians can construct a rockery wall in any Seattle property include:

  • Basalt
  • Granite
  • Limestone

Call us to discuss which rockery wall would work best with the environment of your landscape, and then get our professionals started at its construction.

Seattle Rock Wall Construction

Design and installation of rockeries calls for specialized expertise. A great deal of labor and money go into construction of rockeries, which necessitates that the project be handled only by proven pros like us.

At our company, we know the importance of putting utmost diligence into construction of rockeries. Whether you hire us to create a big rock garden or just for rock wall construction in your Seattle yard, count on us to work with:

  • Skilled, dependable technicians
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Best quality products procured at the best prices

We assure you of a sturdy, durable rockery wall that enhances your landscape and puts your hard-earned money to good use.

Want to know more about how rockeries can make the landscape dramatic? Planning for rock wall construction in your Seattle property? Call Olympic Rockeries and Construction at (206) 456-6303.

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