Retaining Wall Covington


Olympic Rockeries & Construction has been designing and installing retaining walls in Covington, WA properties since 2004. We specialize in making rock retaining walls. Home and business owners who hire us as their retaining wall contractor are offered a vast choice of materials, including:

  • Ecology, Ultra, Kelly and Keystone blocks
  • 1 Man, 2 Man and 3 Man rocks
  • Flagstone, Granite and Limestone boulders
  • Igneous and Basalt rocks

We can build retaining walls to meet all kinds of requirements. Whether the purpose of wall is hillside stabilization, preventing soil erosion, creating more space for landscaping providing privacy or giving a terraced look to the yard, we are the retaining wall builder to hire.

Whatever the job that we take up as retaining wall contractor in Covington, we go all out to make sure the structures are built to stand the test of time.

Retaining Walls Covington


There is hardly any job that is beyond our capabilities as a retaining wall builder. We have the skills, experience and resources to construct rock retaining walls in any sloped yard, even if it is stone-strewn and uneven. Our focus while working as a retaining wall builder in a Covington property is on aesthetics as well as functionality of the wall.

We pride ourselves as a diligent retaining wall contractor and see to it that all our jobs:

  • Are handled by well-trained technicians
  • Make use of top-grade materials
  • Comply with the local codes
  • End up enhancing both beauty and efficiency of the outdoor spaces

We bring a high degree of precision to every project that we take up as a retaining wall builder.

Retaining Wall Builder Covington • Wall Construction Contractor


You cannot settle for anybody other than the best retaining wall contractor catering to the Covington community. Hiring an inexpert, inexperienced or unprofessional retaining wall builder can be a costly mistake.

Such a contractor might fail to keep in mind all the aspects relevant critical to construction of retaining walls, such as:

  • Proper ground preparation
  • Suitable drainage solution
  • Magnitude of probable earth pressure on the wall

Hire us as your retaining wall contractor if you want your yard to flaunt sturdy, stable, hard-wearing and long-lasting retaining walls. We are an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and diligent retaining wall builder, equipped with the best in men and machines.

When it comes to construction of retaining walls, Covington residents need to know just one name – Olympic Rockeries & Construction! Call (206) 456-6303 to discuss your requirements for a retaining wall contractor.