Retaining Wall Enumclaw


Addition of retaining walls is a must yards that have sharp gradient changes. Besides providing the necessary structural support to hold back big masses of soil, retaining walls in such Enumclaw, WA properties give a distinctive and impressive character to the landscape.

Get in touch with Olympic Rockeries & Construction if you are looking for a retaining wall contractor to help you get your sloped or uneven yard landscaped. We specialize in installing rock retaining walls. Natural stone boulders and stone blocks make great retaining wall materials.

There is a marked preference for rock retaining walls among Enumclaw property owners because these walls tend to:

  • Give a natural, rugged look to the landscaping
  • Withstand inclement weather and even earthquakes
  • Call for very little maintenance
  • Be unaffected by pests and moisture
  • Stand solid for years to come

Give us a call if you too are interested in retaining wall installation to enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard.

Retaining Walls Enumclaw


We have been serving the needs of this community for a retaining wall contractor since 2004. Our commitment to seamless workmanship and customer-friendly practices have made us the most trusted retaining wall builder in the Enumclaw area.

Whether you are planning to add stone retaining walls to your backyard for increasing the leveled up planting area available or for creating a decorative focal point, we are the retaining wall builder to work with.

We are a highly knowledgeable and skilled retaining wall contractor. You can sit back and relax after hiring us as your retaining wall builder, knowing that the installed retaining wall would be:

  • Straight and stable
  • Neat and attractive
  • Strong, durable and reliable

Sign us up as your retaining wall builder if you want your project to be a big success.

Retaining Wall Builder Enumclaw • Wall Construction Contractor


Being an experienced retaining wall contractor, we know all that goes into making highly functional and long-lasting retaining walls. We see to it that our residential and commercial jobs as a retaining wall contractor in Enumclaw are done with:

  • Quality materials
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Due attention to the relevant local codes
  • Proper arrangement for drainage of excess water

When we are your chosen retaining wall builder, you can expect a lasting end to grading and erosion problems in your yard. Dial (206) 456-6303 if you need to hire a retaining wall contractor in Enumclaw. Olympic Rockeries & Construction is a retaining wall builder that you can rely on for superior, cost-effective services.