Retaining Wall Factoria


Does your property feature a sloping yard? Are you concerned about the sustainability of your landscaping because of soil erosion issues? Relax! Let Olympic Rockeries & Construction help you out.

We are a retaining wall contractor that can resolve the problem and create flat areas in the yard for landscaping by installing retaining walls in your Factoria, WA property at strategic locations.

Retaining walls are a unique hardscape feature meant primarily for holding back soil and preventing soil erosion. The structures also add a striking aesthetic element to the yard. Retaining walls can be free-standing structures or else connected with the other landscaping features.

An accomplished retaining wall builder, we install retaining walls in Factoria properties to meet all types of needs. You can hire us to design and build retaining walls to:

  • Make planting beds on gradient land
  • Provide a backdrop to the waterfall
  • Border the patio
  • Separate the pool or pond area

Retaining Walls Factoria


It is important to work with a professional retaining wall contractor, whether you want a functional or decorative wall. Designing and construction of the structure is trickier than it seems to be.

Only with a knowledgeable retaining wall builder working in your yard can you be sure of a wall structure that is strong enough to:

  • Bear the pressure of soil behind it
  • Stand up to the natural elements all through the year
  • Last long and not fail prematurely

In business since 2004, we are the go-to retaining wall builder in the Factoria area. Our extensive experience as a retaining wall contractor has given us an in-depth understanding of the engineering of these structures. Call today to sign us as your retaining wall builder.

Retaining Wall Builder Factoria • Wall Construction Contractor


Your choice of retaining wall contractor has a big impact on the usability and visual appeal of your yard. Moreover, the capabilities of the retaining wall builder hired by you determine whether your investment in retaining walls brings lasting returns or goes down the drain.

Why take chances with any other retaining wall contractor in the Factoria area when we are here to serve? We are an expert retaining wall contractor that you can rely on for:

  • Using high-tech equipment and top-grade materials
  • Putting capable technicians to work
  • Delivering exceptional results
  • Maintaining an excellent safety record
  • Charging competitive rates

To know more about the services offered by Olympic Rockeries & Construction as a retaining wall builder for Factoria residents, call (206) 456-6303.