Retaining Wall Issaquah

Retaining-Walls-Issaquah-WAProperties that sit on a slope or have areas in the yards that are prone to flooding or mud slides must have retaining walls constructed to provide extra support to the land. The structures control soil erosion and increase the usable land area in the yard.

Retaining wall solutions can also be incorporated in the landscaping as decorative hardscape elements and used for creating a terrace backyard.

Construction of retaining walls in Issaquah, WA is best left to a professional retaining wall contractor. Whether the retaining walls are built for functional or aesthetic use, strong and durable structures can be expected only when the job is done by a specialized retaining wall builder that has:

  • Knowledge of the local zoning codes
  • Skills and experience in retaining wall construction
  • Awareness of the need for proper drainage mechanism
  • Access to quality materials
  • Tools for moving materials like heavy stone boulders
  • Commitment to protecting the customer’s best interests

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is a retaining wall contractor that Issaquah residents will be happy to work with.

Retaining Walls Issaquah

Retaining-Wall-Builder-Issaquah-WAWe have been servicing the community as a retaining wall builder since 2004 with unmatched expertise in installing retaining walls of any type or size. Look no further than us when you need the services of a retaining wall contractor that can build:

  • Concrete block retaining walls
  • Pre-cast stone wall
  • Alpine rock wall
  • 1 man, 2 man and 3 man rock walls
  • Flagstone, Limestone or Basalt rock wall
  • Waterfront wall

With us, you have the assurance of working with a retaining wall builder in Issaquah that understands not just the factors that must be considered while constructing retaining walls but also the challenges presented by different construction materials.

Retaining Wall Builder Issaquah • Wall Construction Contractor

Retaining-Wall-Contractor-Issaquah-WAHiring an inexpert retaining wall contractor is a blunder that you are bound to rue sooner than later. Premature retaining wall failure is sure to happen when your retaining wall builder fails to do good enough work.

The shortcomings on part of your retaining wall contractor in Issaquah could include:

  • No water run-off management solution in wall design
  • Other engineering defects in wall construction
  • Use of sub-standard supplies
  • Inadequate height, width or length of wall
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • A rushed job

You need not dread any such failings when we are the retaining wall contractor you sign up.

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the trusted retaining wall builder to hire in Issaquah. Call (206) 456-6303.