Retaining Wall Kenmore


Need the services of a retaining wall contractor in the Kenmore, WA area? You could not have reached a better place! Olympic Rockeries & Construction is a highly reputable retaining wall builder that has been servicing the community since 2004.

We can design and build retaining walls for all types of applications. Whether you are looking to hire a retaining wall contractor for resolving soil erosion problem and grading your sloped yard or want to get retaining walls installed to provide interesting, vantage seating spots throughout the yard, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We can also design and install retaining walls in Kenmore properties for highlighting or separating the various landscape elements. Our company is known for constructing attractive, sturdy, durable and efficient retaining walls. That is because we take into account all the important factors that affect the performance of retaining walls.

These include:

  • Soil properties
  • Groundwater conditions
  • Lateral soil pressure
  • Solid base preparation

Retaining Walls Kenmore


As a responsible retaining wall contractor, we also keep in mind the latest local regulations that govern retaining wall installation. When you hire us as your retaining wall builder in Kenmore, you can rest assured that the resulting structure will not invite any municipal penalties for code violation and function efficiently for a long time to come.

We specialize in rockery work and have proven ourselves to be an accomplished stone retaining wall builder. Our company also specializes in retaining wall construction with precast concrete blocks.

Head straight to us if you are on the look-out for a retaining wall builder experienced in working with materials like:

  • Kelly blocks
  • Keystone blocks
  • Ultra blocks
  • Ecology blocks
  • Basalt rocks
  • Granite boulders

Retaining Wall Builder Kenmore • Wall Construction Contractor


No matter what material we use for building retaining walls, we work hard to ensure excellence in every aspect of the job. Every big or small project taken up by us as a retaining wall contractor in Kenmore is marked by:

  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Professional job management
  • On-schedule completion
  • Fair and affordable pricing

We are dedicated to ensuring that all property owners who hire us as retaining wall contractor are thoroughly satisfied with our services. Our commitment has earned us loyal patronage of our customers who also happily refer us to others looking for a retaining wall builder.

Olympic Rockeries & Construction offers unmatched services for installation of retaining walls in Kenmore properties. Schedule a job with the retaining wall contractor by calling (206) 456-6303.