Retaining Wall Kent

Retaining-Walls-Kent-WALandscaping of any property usually involves a smart, balanced combination of softscape and hardscape elements. Softscape comprises the fluid/changing features like plantings, while the hardscape includes solid, unchanging features like walkways and retaining walls.

Retaining walls are unqiue harsdcape elements that perform multiple functions. The construction of retaining walls in any Kent, WA property can help:

  • Convert sloped land into usable flat surfaces
  • Manage rainwater run-off and prevent mud slides
  • Create visual interest in the landscape through terracing
  • Distinctly define certain areas of the landscape
  • Provide extra seating from where to enjoy the landscape
  • Add a natural, rustic character to the landscape

For best results, the construction of these structures should be left to a seasoned retaining wall contractor. Olympic Rockeries & Construction is a retaining wall builder that is the first choice of property owners for installation of retaining walls in the Kent area.

The community has been utilizing our expertise as a retaining wall contractor since 2004.

Retaining Walls Kent

Retaining-Wall-Builder-Kent-WAWe are a full-service retaining wall contractor that takes care of all aspects of a retaining wall construction job, from start to finish. Working closely with all the property owners who sign us up as their retaining wall builder in Kent, we:

  • Advise them on proper placement of retaining walls in the yard
  • Educate them about the various options in materials for the wall
  • Create a detailed design for the wall
  • Arrange the necessary supplies and equipment
  • Install the walls with sharp attention to detail
  • Give customers tips for upkeep of the walls

Being an experienced retaining wall builder, we know how to construct highly functional, strong and hard-wearing retaining walls. Meanwhile, our seamless workmanship as a retaining wall contractor also results in walls that increase the landscape beauty.

Retaining Wall Builder Kent • Wall Construction Contractor

Retaining-Wall-Contractor-Kent-WAWe take pride in our extensive capabilities for retaining wall construction. We are the leading retaining wall contractor Kent residents should contact for building of retaining walls with wide-ranging materials, including:

  • Interlocking concrete blocks
  • 1 man rock, 2 man rock, 3 man rock
  • Granite rock
  • Basalt rock
  • Igneous rock
  • Limestone boulders

We can be hired as a retaining wall builder to make mortared as well as dry stack rockery walls. And, we are also the specialist retaining wall contractor to call for building a bulkhead or waterfront wall.

For more details about the services offered by Olympic Rockeries & Construction as a retaining wall builder in Kent, call (206) 456-6303.