Retaining Wall King County


Properties located on sloped land present quite a few challenges for the owners. Installation of a sustainable landscape is one of the biggest of these difficulties. Olympic Rockeries & Construction offers a very effective solution to it – construction of retaining walls.

An experienced retaining wall contractor, we design and build retaining walls in King County, WA in yard with gradient changes. The structures serve to:

  • Support and hold back large masses of soil
  • Stop erosion by letting rainwater seep into the soil
  • Provide flat space in the yard for landscaping

The best thing about adding retaining walls in King County properties is that these do not just increase the utility of yard but also improve the landscape aesthetics. Our focus as retaining wall builder is on installing high-performing and attractive retaining walls.

Retaining Walls King County


You cannot hire just about any retaining wall contractor in your area to resolve the grading and erosion problems in your yard. Whether you have to get functional or decorative retaining walls constructed, it pays to bring a competent, reputable and dependable retaining wall builder on board.

Get in touch with us when you need the services of a retaining wall builder in King County. We have been engaged in retaining wall design and construction since 2004. Over all these years and countless jobs, we have got complete insight into the engineering and performance of retaining walls.

We bring our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to all the jobs that we take up as a retaining wall contractor. With us, you are assured of getting ‘full value for money’ services. Hiring us as your retaining wall builder translates into walls that:

  • Look elegant and impressive
  • Perform seamlessly
  • Are built to last

Retaining Wall Builder King County • Wall Construction Contractor


We take pride in our work and strive to deliver high-quality services. Regardless of how big or small our job as a retaining wall contractor in your King County property, rest assured that it will be handled with utmost professionalism.

All our work as residential/commercial retaining wall contractor is marked by excellence in every aspect. We:

  • Use carefully sourced, high-grade materials
  • Work diligently
  • Comply with the local codes for retaining wall installation
  • Have competitive prices
  • Extend great customer service

Is this not everything you would want from your retaining wall contractor? Olympic Rockeries & Construction is your trusted retaining wall builder in the King County region. Dial (206) 456-6303 to schedule a consultation with us.