Retaining Wall Lynnwood


Properties located on a sloped land can be quite difficult to landscape. Grading and erosion issues make growing plantings a big challenge. The best way around this problem is construction of retaining walls. Retaining walls hold back the soil and create a flat area that can be landscaped.

Installation of retaining walls in Lynnwood, WA properties also gives a distinctive character to the yard. There are many materials that are used for retaining wall construction and stone is the most popular one. At Olympic Rockeries & Construction, we specialize in building rock retaining walls.

Lynnwood property owners who want to want to add a charming rustic look to the yard while increasing its usable area should hire us as their retaining wall contractor. Being a seasoned rock retaining wall builder, we can be trusted for making structures that:

  • Are highly functional
  • Make an eye-catching landscape element
  • Stand the test of time

Retaining Walls Lynnwood


Not many property owners realize that installation of rock retaining walls is not as simple as it looks. There is much more to it that just stacking up a few boulders. The job is best left to a specialist retaining wall contractor like us.

Hiring us as your retaining wall builder in Lynnwood is advisable because we can source high-quality materials for your job, and also have the required men and machines. More importantly, our long experience as a retaining wall builder has given us in-depth knowledge of all the factors that should be kept in mind while designing and constructing retaining walls.

Our work as your retaining wall builder is done with due consideration to things like:

  • Slant of the yard
  • Soil type
  • Purpose for which wall is needed
  • Height and length of wall
  • Drainage issues

Retaining Wall Builder Lynnwood • Wall Construction Contractor


Ever since we started working as a retaining wall contractor in the Lynnwood area, we have focused as much on satisfying customers as on making strong and durable retaining walls. We always use skilled crew and quality materials on every big or small job handled as retaining wall builder.

When you hire us as your retaining wall contractor, you can also expect the job to be marked by:

  • Smooth, hassle-free process
  • Due respect to you and your property
  • Timely completion

Call today to discuss your retaining wall needs and sign us up as your retaining wall contractor. Looking to hire a retaining wall contractor in the Lynnwood area? Call Olympic Rockeries & Construction at (206) 456-6303.