Retaining Wall Renton

Retaining-Walls-Renton-WAYour search for a skilled rock retaining wall builder servicing the Renton, WA area ends at Olympic Rockeries and Construction!

We specialize in rock work and have been constructing retaining walls with stone boulders in the properties around here since 2004. Our extensive experience as a retaining wall contractor includes creating rockery retaining walls of many different types and dimensions.

Our well-trained, seasoned technicians are the best people to bring on board a project involving the designing and building of:

  • Basalt rock wall
  • Lakefront retaining walls
  • Creek bulkhead
  • Granite or limestone boulder wall
  • Mortared or dry stack retaining wall
  • Cement block retaining wall

The outstanding results that we deliver every time we are hired for constructing retaining walls in Renton have earned us a stellar reputation. We have also gained lifelong patronage of our customers who are happy to recommend us to all their friends who need the services of a retaining wall contractor.

Retaining Walls Renton

Retaining-Wall-Builder-Renton-WAConstruction of retaining walls is done for several purposes. These include:

  • Giving a manicured look to the landscape
  • Increasing privacy by hiding view of the yard from outside
  • Creating an interesting entryway into the patio
  • Bring improperly graded land into use
  • Making casual sitting spaces throughout the yard
  • Building a terrace backyard

We are a full-service retaining wall contractor that builds rockery walls for all types of applications. The jobs handled by us as a retaining wall builder in Renton are not limited to working on properties that are located on a sloped land. We also construct retaining walls on flat, evenly sloped yards; waterfront properties; etc.

Call today to tell us why you need to hire a retaining wall builder.

Retaining Wall Builder Renton • Wall Construction Contractor

Retaining-Wall-Contractor-Renton-WAThe expertise of your retaining wall contractor in Renton can impact the beauty and longevity of your landscaping. Improper wall construction harms the aesthetics of the yard and is likely even to destroy the landscaping with the structure collapsing suddenly one fine day.

Therefore, you should find a retaining wall builder with in-depth construction knowledge. You must hire a retaining wall contractor who builds a wall with:

  • Correct foundation/ground prep
  • Good design
  • Quality materials
  • Appropriate height
  • Proper drainage
  • Firmly secured rocks

We are exactly the knowledgeable retaining wall builder you are looking for!

Need to get retaining walls made on your Renton property? Hire Olympic Rockeries and Construction. We are the retaining wall contractor the community has trusted since 2004. Call (206) 456-6303.