Retaining Wall Seattle

Retaining-Walls-Seattle-WAWhen it comes to constructing rock retaining walls in Seattle, WA, Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the retaining wall builder to hire. Rockery retaining walls are a fantastic option for preventing downslope erosion. Such walls:

  • Add rustic charm to the yard
  • Look unique with many options in rocks to use
  • Are low maintenance
  • Do not erode due to moisture, pests, etc.
  • Are earthquake-resistant (especially dry stack walls)
  • Last really long

We are a retaining wall contractor that specializes in design and construction of rock retaining walls for Seattle properties.

Retaining Walls Seattle

Retaining-Wall-Builder-Seattle-WAThere is much more to building rock retaining walls than stacking some stone boulders together. Retaining wall construction involves specialized knowledge and skills. You should not call up just about any retaining wall builder serving your Seattle community.

To make sure that the retaining wall in your yard are designed and built right, you need to work with an experienced, reputable, professional retaining wall contractor like us.

We take a systematic approach to all the work we do as your retaining wall builder and consider all relevant factors like:

  • Slant of the sloped land
  • Purpose of the wall
  • Length of the required wall
  • Wall height
  • Soil characteristics
  • Drainage system

When we are the retaining wall builder in charge of your project, rest assured that your yard will soon flaunt stunning rockery retaining wall that are attractive as well as highly functional.

Retaining Wall Builder Seattle • Wall Construction Contractor

Retaining-Wall-Contractor-Seattle-WAAlong with the skills of the retaining wall contractor, the quality of materials used for constructing the retaining walls also affects the structures’:

  • Strength
  • Performance
  • Weather resistance
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Appearance

With our extensive experience as a retaining wall contractor in the Seattle area, we realize that use of sub-par materials means premature retaining wall failure. We cannot let that happen to the unsuspecting property owners whose chosen rock retaining wall builder we are!

Our company is committed to helping customers get optimal returns from their investment by creating strong, high-performing retaining walls for them.

We procure top-quality products for every job we take up as a retaining wall contractor, be it for building a 1 man rock, man rock or 3 man rock; constructing rock bulkhead or waterfront wall; mortared or dry stack rockery walls; Kelly, Ecology, Ultra or Keystone block wall.

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the retaining wall contractor Seattle residents have trusted since 2004. Call (206) 456-6303 to hire us for retaining wall construction.