Alki Rockeries


When it comes to installation of rockeries in Alki, WA and its surrounding areas, there is hardly any contractor to match the capabilities of Olympic Rockeries & Construction. Get in touch with us if you want to have a rockery wall or full-fledged rock garden constructed in your yard.

Elaborate rockeries have typically been reserved for large sub-urban houses and estate gardens. However, the rugged charm of strategically placed rocks has resulted in an increasing number of smaller home owners getting ornate rockeries designed and installed in their backyards.

These rockeries:

  • Add distinctive style to the yard
  • Create an interesting focal-point
  • Enhance the daily living of property owners
  • Preserve the local wildlife
  • Boost the property value

Our company specializes in design and construction of rockeries. Alki residents who wish to set up rockeries on their property but do not know where to start should get in touch with us today!

Alki Rockery Wall


Our services for installation of rockeries are tailored as per the unique specifications of customer as well as topography, size and other relevant factors at the proposed jobsite. We can even help customers with innovative design ideas for rockeries.

No job for construction of rockeries is too big or too small for us. You can hire us for creating a decorative rockery wall in your Alki property if your yard space or budget does not allow for a more extensive rock garden.

We are skilled at making a rockery wall with wide-ranging materials and installing rockery wall of any length or height. You can hire us for rock wall construction with:

  • 1 Man, 2 Man or 3man rocks
  • Flagstone
  • Igneous boulders
  • Local quarry rocks
  • Limestone, and more

Call us to know more about our rock wall construction skills and discuss what type of rockery wall you are interested in getting installed.

Alki Rock Wall Construction


Rock wall construction means much more than stacking up some stones and boulders. Unless your rockery wall is made by knowledgeable and experienced technicians, the investment can be a waste.

Inexpert rock wall construction in your Alki property can have the wall collapsing during a storm or some other disturbance and damaging the landscaping. Call us if you don not want that to happen. Our rock wall construction work involves:

  • Proper ground preparation
  • High-quality, sturdy rocks
  • Aesthetically appealing placement of the boulders
  • Careful and firm installation
  • Suitable drainage arrangement

Call Olympic Rockeries & Construction at (206) 456-6303 for rockery or rock wall construction in Alki.