Ballard Rockeries


Installation of rockeries in Ballard, WA properties is a great idea for property owners who are looking to create interest in their flat, monotonous-looking yard. Rockeries or rock gardens refer to the use of boulders of different shapes and sizes as a decorative element in the yard landscaping.

Rockeries are also the most logical option when landscaping properties with naturally-occurring rocky outcroppings or slopes. Whether rockeries are constructed for aesthetic or practical reasons, it is important suitably skilled and experienced contractors be hired for the job.

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the expert to hire for design and construction of rockeries in Ballard. We specialize in working with different types of rocks and incorporating them into garden landscaping. We can install extensive rockeries and also install a standalone rockery wall.

To optimize the beauty of rockeries installed by us, we can even enhance these with:

  • Hardy plants
  • Bright flowers
  • Strategically installed lighting

Ballard Rockery Wall


A rockery wall can be an eye-catching focal point in your outdoor area. You can also go in for rock wall construction if your yard has grading issues and susceptible to soil erosion.

Hire us to install a decorative or functional rockery wall in your Ballard property. It is important to sign up with experienced professionals not just for construction of elaborate rockeries but also for putting up a seemingly simple rockery wall.

An improperly installed rockery wall can collapse any time and cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding landscaping. Calling us for rock wall construction is an assurance that your yard will get a rockery wall that is:

  • Strong
  • Stable
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Elegant-looking

Ballard Rock Wall Construction


With our vast experience in installation of rockeries and rock wall construction in the Ballard area, we assure you of the best possible addition of natural as well as engineered rocks to your landscape.

We understand all the complexities involved in rock wall construction and make sure that the job is done with the right mix of material and workmanship. Our technicians take a detail-oriented and diligent approach, whether the rock wall construction is done:

  • For defining the boundary of the property
  • As a waterfront barrier
  • Behind the waterfall
  • Around the pool or patio; or
  • As a retaining wall

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the name to rely on for installation of rock garden or rock wall construction in Ballard properties. Dial (206) 456-6303.