Covington Rockeries


Property owners looking for a unique way of making their gardens more interesting and attractive should consider installation of rockeries. Also known as rock or alpine gardens, rockeries are created through imaginative layout of boulders of different sizes and may include some plants as well.

The history of rockeries can be traced back to the Japanese and Chinese Zen Gardens. There are several reasons for property owners to opt for having rockeries in Covington, WA. Primarily, rockeries are constructed for:

  • Landscaping rock-strewn yards
  • Conserving water even while enjoying beautiful gardens
  • Preventing soil erosion in properties on the hillside
  • Creating landscapes with great aesthetics and tranquil environs

No matter what inspires people to want rockeries in their yards, Olympic Rockeries & Construction is here to bring their vision to life. Designing and constructing rockeries on Covington properties since 2004, our company is known for awesome outcomes on all the jobs it takes up.

Covington Rockery Wall


We have the knowledge, skills, experience and capabilities for building rockeries of diverse types and sizes. Our expertise at working with rocks also includes rockery wall installation. Rock wall construction is a great idea for adding a bit of natural warmth and rustic charm to the landscape. The types of rocks chosen for the rockery wall determine if it has a formal or informal look.

Hire us for rock wall construction services, whether you have to get a rockery wall installed in your Covington property for resolving erosion issues or as a decorative landscaping element.

With our vast experience in construction of rockeries and rock walls, we know all that goes into putting up a solid and durable structure. When hired for installing your rockery wall, we:

  • Put only expert, seasoned technicians on the job
  • Use carefully selected, quality rocks
  • Keep in mind all the relevant engineering and construction principles

Covington Rock Wall Construction


Rock wall construction is a job for the professionals. Installing a rockery wall goes beyond stacking up some boulders and involves much technicality. Preparation of ground surface, firm rock placement that prevents easy displacement and drainage arrangement are some things to be considered in rock wall construction in any Covington property.

Let us handle your rock wall construction job to be sure of seamless installation. We also assure you of:

  • Speedy rock wall construction
  • Competitive prices
  • Care to protect your landscape from any damage
  • Friendly customer service

Choose only Olympic Rockeries & Construction for constructing rock garden or rockery wall in your Covington property. Dial (206) 456-6303.