Des Moines Rockeries


Make your landscape look like a work of art with rockeries. Rockeries are a great addition to large spaces with a lot of access. Rockeries are also an excellent addition to areas with poor drainage as it is easy to construct rockeries around tree roots.

If you are looking to design and construct rockeries in your Des Moines, WA property, look no further than Olympic Rockeries & Construction. We can add rockeries in commercial and residential properties both.

When you choose us for your rockery wall needs in Des Moines, you get an access to an array of rock size and color options. We take tremendous pride in designing and constructing rockeries that:

  • Are visually appealing
  • Make your landscape stand out
  • Are highly functional
  • Have low maintenance needs
  • Suit your unique needs and budget
  • Match your exact visions

Des Moines Rockery Wall


We are your go-to, one-stop rockery wall service providers. From initial concept to project completion, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend the most appropriate rockery wall materials. Whether you want rockeries made out of limestone, granite or basalt, we have got you covered.

Our clients can count on our industry knowledge and experience in determining the best possible materials for their rockery wall project in Des Moines. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, our team is available to address them for you. We are dedicated to building rockeries that can be cherished for years to come.

Below are a few other reasons to hire us for your rockery wall needs:

  • No project is too big or small
  • Innovative rockery wall designs
  • Best quality workmanship
  • Fantastic results
  • Outstanding customer service

Des Moines Rock Wall Construction


Since 2004, we have been providing rock wall construction services to homeowners and commercial property owners. Over the years, we have built a reputation for meeting and exceeding client expectations on rock wall construction projects both big and small.

Our entire team works hard to deliver a prompt, stress-free rock wall construction experience to clients in Des Moines. We carefully plan each and every rock wall construction project to eliminate delays and minimize disruptions.

Our rockeries are designed and built to:

  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of any landscape
  • Seamlessly blend with the surroundings
  • Add to the value of the property

Call the pros at Olympic Rockeries & Construction on (206) 456-6303 to discuss your rock wall construction needs in Des Moines. We look forward to meeting your needs.