Enumclaw Rockeries


For property owners who wish to give a distinct personality and sophisticated look to their yard, rockeries are just what they need. Also referred to as rock or alpine gardens, rockeries are created by innovative use of boulders and stones in the landscaping.

Construction of rockeries is ideal in Enumclaw, WA properties with hilly or rocky terrain. However, rockeries can also be used to add an exceptional decorative element in normal, flat yards.

At Olympic Rockeries & Construction, we excel at designing and installing rockeries of different styles. We employ technicians who:

  • Have vast experience in constructing big and small rockeries
  • Are comfortable working with rocks of different types, shapes and sizes
  • Understand the need to retain soil and hold moisture for plants
  • Provide for quick drainage of water from the rockeries
  • Optimally utilize the unique topography elements at the every site
  • Strive to bring the customers’ visions for their rockeries to life

Enumclaw Rockery Wall


Planning to get a rockery wall installed in your Enumclaw property? We can help. Our focus is not just on creating elaborate rockeries. We also welcome rock wall construction jobs. There are several reasons for which you could want a rockery wall put up in your yard. Installation of rockery wall can be done for purely aesthetic purpose and also for functional use.

Rock wall construction can be considered when you need a solid structure to hold back soil or make a terraced garden in a sloped yard. Rockery wall also works great:

  • As backdrop to waterfall
  • To separate the pool area
  • As safety barrier at lakefront
  • For providing privacy to the property from the road

No matter why you need a rockery wall in your Enumclaw property, hire us to make sure that a sturdy, hard-wearing and reliable structure is made.

Enumclaw Rock Wall Construction


Our company has been performing rockery and rock wall construction in Enumclaw since 2004. We have a long-term vision for growth and value the business we get. We take up even small jobs happily and complete them to perfection.

Whether our rock wall construction experts are hired for making a single rockery wall or multiple ones, they work hard to ensure seamless installations that our customers have come to expect from us.

Our rock wall construction services are also marked by:

  • Quick job completion
  • Affordable pricing
  • Jobsite cleanup after all work is done

Olympic Rockeries & Construction is the #1 choice for construction of rock walls and rockeries in Enumclaw. Dial (206) 456-6303.