Issaquah Rockeries

rockeries-issaquah-waProperties that have a rocky terrain or rock outcropping in their yard make great sites for rockeries. Created with a combination of large boulders, smaller stones and, often, plants, rockeries give a naturalistic look to the landscape.

These can take the form of highly structured rock gardens or designed with rockery wall installations at strategic points.

People who are interested in constructing rockeries on their Issaquah, WA properties to enhance the visual appeal of their landscapes should get in touch with Olympic Rockeries & Construction.

We are a leading rockery contractor that has been servicing the community since 2004. Our company offers specialized services for design and build of rockeries of all types. We are as comfortable constructing a big rock garden as carrying out rock wall construction.

We can construct rockeries on land strewn with stone boulders and also build rockeries on fertile grounds by importing rocks. All are rockeries are made with quality materials:

  • Sourced from leading quarries
  • Selected carefully
  • Arranged artistically
  • Installed firmly

We also offer expert services for repair and restoration of rockeries installed in Issaquah properties.

Issaquah Rockery Wall

rockery-wall-issaquah-waPlanning to get a rock retaining wall constructed on your property? Thinking of adding an interesting aesthetic element to your outdoors with a stylish rockery wall? Call us.

Our company offers highly customized services for rock wall construction. On every job, our technicians listen carefully to the property owner to understand his/her exact specifications about the rockery wall that is to be built.

Our professionals then work diligently to construct a rockery wall that matches the Issaquah customer’s vision perfectly. We make rockery wall with stone boulders of:

  • Shapes that fit and look good together
  • Basalt, granite or limestone
  • Varying sizes (1 man rock, 2 man rock or 3 man rock)
  • Colors that complement the property

Issaquah Rock Wall Construction

rock-wall-construction-issaquah-waWhether you need rock wall construction done in Issaquah to resolve grading issue on your property or want to have a decorative rockery wall in the yard, it is important to work with professionals like us.

You would want to have rock walls that are built solidly and can stand up to the extreme weather conditions. This is exactly what you get when you hire us for rock wall construction.

We know all there is to know about building rockeries and have your rock wall construction work done:

  • By a skilled crew
  • With diligence
  • Using advanced equipment
  • in a timely manner

To know more about rockeries or for hiring the services of a skilled rockery wall contractor, Issaquah residents can call Olympic Rockeries & Construction at (206) 456-6303.