Kenmore Rockeries


Rock gardens or rockeries are a great investment into residential as well as commercial properties. Nothing brings out the delicate beauty of lush green foliage and vibrant flowers better than having rugged stones around them.

Though rockeries have been around since ages after the Japanese first created them during the late first century, their lure continues unabated. Ageless appeal is one of the key reasons for the enduring preference for rockeries in Kenmore, WA and elsewhere.

Property owners interested in having rockeries in their yard should know that construction of rockeries is not a DIY job. Rockeries are much more than some boulders strewn around. Construction of sustainable rockeries calls for specialized skills for:

  • Picking the right spot in the yard
  • Designing the rockery layout
  • Laying a good foundation
  • Providing for a drainage system
  • Selecting attractively-shaped, hard-wearing rocks
  • Placing the rocks and plants (if needed) as per plan

Since 2004, Olympic Rockeries & Construction has been the expert to hire for building rockeries in Kenmore.

Kenmore Rockery Wall


We specialize in creating landscaping features with rocks. Besides creating breathtaking rockeries in big and small areas, we engage in rock wall construction. If you want to get a beautiful, sturdy and durable rockery wall installed in your Kenmore property, call us.

Rockery wall is probably the most common option for retaining walls. The reasons that make rockery wall better than alternatives like brick, wood or concrete retaining wall include its:

  • Natural, rustic appearance
  • Timeless charm (always look trendy)
  • Amazing variety in rocks allowing boundless creativity
  • Resistance to weathering and moisture
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordability

However, rock wall construction can be extremely laborious and tricky. Let our experts build your rockery wall if you want the structure to be a wonderful and lasting addition to the yard.

Kenmore Rock Wall Construction


You can go in for rock wall construction in your front or backyard even if there is no grading problem or soil erosion issue. Our services can be hired for installing a decorative rockery wall at a strategic location to add a unique visual feature to the landscape.

We offer comprehensive rock wall construction services in Kenmore to build walls of any height and length. We can carry out rock wall construction with different materials like:

  • 1 Man, 2 Man or 3 Man rocks
  • Granite boulders
  • Flagstone
  • Basalt rocks
  • Igneous rocks

To discuss their jobs for rockeries or rockery wall installation, Kenmore residents can call Olympic Rockeries & Construction at (206) 456-6303.