Kirkland Rockeries

rockeries-kirkland-waHardly any landscaping feature can match the charm of rockeries. Construction of rock gardens or rockeries involves strategic arrangement of a mix of stone boulders of different types and sizes.

Rockeries can also be constructed by combining rugged rocks with delicate flowers and plantings.

People who are interested in building rockeries in their Kirkland, WA properties to add structure and character to the landscape should get in touch with Olympic Rockeries & Construction. Construction of rockeries is not a DIY job and professional help is required for:

  • Choosing the best site for the rock garden
  • Carrying out excavation to shape/prepare the land
  • Sourcing the required rocks and other materials
  • Lifting in the heavy boulders
  • Positioning the rocks right

We are the right people to do all the labor that goes into building rockeries. Kirkland residents who hire us can simply step back and look forward to having natural-looking, attractive rockeries in their yards.

Kirkland Rockery Wall

rockery-wall-kirkland-waOur hardscaping company can create rockeries of all types, shapes and sizes. There are endless possibilities with ideas and designs for rockeries.

You can have a miniature rockery created in a big container, get rock work done on a small mound in the garden, have an elaborate rock garden installed or get just a stylish rockery wall built.

We specialize in rock wall construction and can build a rockery wall in your Kirkland property for any application. You can hire us for construction of a:

  • Rock retaining wall
  • Rockery wall in the pool area
  • Bulkhead
  • Waterfront rockery wall
  • Rockery wall for outdoor waterfall
  • Landscape boundary wall with rocks

Feel free to call our experts for rock wall construction, whether you need the rockery wall in the yard for functional purpose or purely aesthetic reasons.

Kirkland Rock Wall Construction

rock-wall-construction-kirkland-waAn important decision to be taken prior to rock wall construction or installation of rockeries is the type of rock to be used. Our company is experienced in working with a wide variety of rocks.

We offer highly customized services for rock wall construction in Kirkland, building rockery walls of the size property owners want, at the location they specify and with the type of rocks they prefer.

The different materials our technicians are comfortable working with for rock wall construction include:

  • Basalt boulders
  • Granite and limestone boulders
  • Concrete blocks
  • Igneous rocks
  • 1 man, 2 man and 3 man rock boulders
  • Local quarry rocks

Dial (206) 456-6303 to discuss your rockery or rock wall construction needs in Kirkland with Olympic Rockeries & Construction.

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