Lynnwood Rockeries


Olympic Rockeries & Construction specializes in building rock walls and rockeries. The residents of Lynnwood, WA have been utilizing our exceptional capabilities for enhancing their properties with attractive rockeries since 2004.

Rockeries add a rugged texture and character to the yard that works beautifully in highlighting the delicacy of flowers of foliage. Installation of rockeries also allows addition of some interesting, not-so-commonly seen hardy or alpine plants to the landscape.

Meanwhile, construction of rockeries is the ideal solution for landscaping yards with rocky outcroppings or hilly, erosion-prone terrain. We build rockeries in Lynnwood properties for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Our company offers comprehensive services to handle any rockery project from start to finish. We employ highly skilled professionals for:

  • Creating unique, stunning designs for rockeries
  • Sourcing rocks of the required type and right quality
  • Hauling boulders to the jobsite
  • Constructing awe-inspiring, sustainable rockeries
  • Educating customers about keeping their rockeries looking great

Lynnwood Rockery Wall


Just like rockeries, a rockery wall too takes great expertise to install. You cannot bring in any neighborhood company that does a bit of lawn and landscaping work to build a rockery wall in your Lynnwood property.

Improper rock wall construction by technicians who lack the knowledge, resources or commitment to do a seamless job can cost you big. Errors like inadequate ground preparation, improper drainage system, sub-par backfill material, etc. can affect the quality of rockery wall and compromise its:

  • Structural strength
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Longevity

Let us be the contractor you hire for rock wall construction. Our technicians have extensive experience in rockery wall installation and have proven themselves to be masters at their job. We make sure that every rockery wall made by us is as strong and durable as it is beautiful.

Lynnwood Rock Wall Construction


Our company is capable of meeting all the demands for rock wall construction services of Lynnwood residents. Whether we are called in for installing a rock retaining wall or constructing a decorative rockery wall to define the pool or patio area, we go all out to complete the job to the highest specifications.

We offer rock wall construction services for making walls:

  • Of any height or length
  • With both naturally-occurring boulders and concrete blocks
  • Using rocks of different shapes and sizes
  • In homes as well as commercial properties

Interested in knowing more details about the services offered by Olympic Rockeries & Construction for rockeries or rock wall construction in Lynnwood? Dial (206) 456-6303.