Maple Valley Rockeries

rockeries-maple-valley-waThere are various benefits of having rockeries in your landscape in Maple Valley, WA. Rockeries are not only an attractive feature in your landscape, they can also be a great way to control soil erosion.

Proper planning, design and construction are essential to reaping all the benefits rockeries have to offer, such as:

  • Type of rocks- 1 Man, 2 Man or 3 Man Rocks
  • Material of choice- Basalt, limestone or granite
  • Size of rockeries required
  • Supporting garden features, such as patios, lawns
  • Attracting wildlife to the garden
  • Providing a back drop for plants and shrubs

At Olympic Rockeries & Construction, we have been creating rockeries for many years and have the expertise to bring your dream rockeries to life. Whether you want small or large rockeries for your landscape in Maple Valley, we can get the job done to your satisfaction.

Maple Valley Rockery Wall

rockery-wall-maple-valley-waProperly built rockeries can be a useful addition to a landscape. A rockery wall can offer various benefits to property owners looking to improve the look and feel of their landscape.

We are premier rockery wall contractors serving Maple Valley and its surrounding areas. We use our knowledge and experience to recommend the most appropriate material for your rockery wall construction needs.

Below are the reasons to choose us for your rockery wall needs:

  • Very responsive to rock wall construction needs
  • Residential and commercial rockeries
  • No job is too large or too small for us
  • We treat your rockery wall project like our own
  • Rockery wall built on-time and on budget
  • Customer satisfaction is important to us

Maple Valley Rock Wall Construction

rock-wall-construction-maple-valley-waA rock wall construction not only improves your lifestyle, it also improves the value of your landscaping.

We provide quality rock wall construction services at reasonable rates. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we complete rock wall construction to the highest industry standards.

So, if you are searching for a rock wall construction company in the Maple Valley area, your search ends here. Our rockery wall design and construction ensures a product that:

  • Is aesthetically pleasing
  • Has low maintenance needs
  • Is very sturdy and durable
  • Becomes a focal point of your landscape
  • Complement the surrounding areas
  • Has practical and functional benefits

For more information on our rock wall construction services for residents of Maple Valley and its surrounding areas, please call the experts at Olympic Rockeries & Construction on (206) 456-6303 today.