Medina Rockeries


When it comes to constructing rockeries in Medina, WA, property owners place their trust in Olympic Rockeries & Construction. Our company has been building beautiful rockeries in residential and commercial properties since 2004. We make rockeries in all types of yards, not just in those with a rocky terrain.

Unlike many other landscaping companies offering their services for installation of rockeries, we work exclusively with rocks and stones. Apart from building rockeries, we excel at installing structures like stone retaining wall, decorative rockery wall, and rock steps or risers.

We offer highly customized services for construction of rockeries in Medina properties and are reputed to deliver amazing results. The rockeries created by us:

  • Are imaginatively designed and meticulous constructed
  • Blend beautifully into the landscape and do not look awkward
  • Have been laid out in the best location in the yard
  • Get installed on a good foundation and with a proper drainage solution
  • Are sustainable and last long
  • Bring the vision of our customers to life

Medina Rockery Wall


Addition of rock can give a very unique rugged, yet tranquil personality to any property. We strive to help maximum property owners have their yards enhanced with rock structures.

For properties where elaborate rockeries are not feasible, we can make miniature rockeries in containers or install a strategically-located rockery wall. Hire us as your rockery wall contractor in Medina if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard with innovative stonework.

We have unmatched capabilities for rock wall construction. With us on the job, you can expect your rockery wall to be:

  • Eye-catching
  • Symmetrical
  • Strong and stable
  • Long-lasting and reliable

We ensure such exceptional workmanship even while doing rock wall construction for holding back soil in a sloped yard.

Medina Rock Wall Construction


Though a rockery wall may look like stones simply stacked on each other, there is a lot of science in rock wall construction. For successful rock wall construction in Medina properties that results in a solid, durable wall, it is important to:

  • Prepare the soil properly so that rocks can take a hold
  • Choose rocks that do not wear down easily
  • Secure the boulders firmly, whether the wall is dry or mortared
  • Have a good drainage system in place

We are the knowledgeable rock wall construction specialists who can be trusted for a seamless job.

Want to know more about rockeries? Need to get a rockery wall installed in your Medina property? Olympic Rockeries & Construction can help. Call (206) 456-6303.