Mill Creek Rockeries


There are many benefits to incorporating rockeries in your garden. Rockeries are not only a visually appealing way of adding interest to your garden, rockeries can also help to:

  • Retain banks
  • Support garden features
  • Control soil erosion
  • Reclaim more ground

For high quality rockeries in Mill Creek, WA, look no further than Olympic Rockeries & Construction. We are your most reliable contractor for rockeries in the Mill Creek area. With years of experience designing and constructing rockeries, we can help you bring your visions to life. With us, your rockeries project will get the attention and expertise it needs. We carefully plan each project so that your rockeries can deliver all of the benefits they are intended to.

Mill Creek Rockery Wall


A rockery wall is a fantastic way to add visual interest to your garden or outdoor areas. Do you have a flat garden? Adding a rockery wall is a fast and easy way to add levels to the area without needing dramatic groundwork. Whether you need a rockery wall as a backdrop to an outdoor fountain or as a centerpiece for your landscape, we can provide a rockery wall design and construction that matches your requirements.

We use finest quality rocks and strategically planned designs to create a rockery wall for any environment in Mill Creek. Our goal is to deliver a rockery wall that is as functional as it beautiful. With our rockery wall services, our clients can:

  • Beautify their garden or landscaping
  • Enjoy outdoor spaces even more
  • Improve the market value of their property

Mill Creek Rock Wall Construction


If you have uneven space and under-utilized garden, it is time to add a new rock wall to make the most of your spaces. A rock wall construction also adds texture and dimension to any landscaping- be it residential or commercial. But it is crucial to hire experienced contractors for any rock wall construction project in Mill Creek.

A rock wall construction requires utmost care and precision. A failed rock wall can be stressful for the property and the property owner alike. That is why we strive to ensure your rock wall construction is carried out with attention to detail. With a careful rock wall construction, we ensure your rock wall is:

  • Safe
  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • Long lasting

Feel free to call Olympic Rockeries & Construction on (206) 456-6303 to find out how we can help you incorporate rockeries in your Mill Creek home or property.