Newcastle Rockeries


Building of rock gardens or rockeries adds striking visual interest and structure to any yard. Though rockeries work great for landscaping properties with rocky or sloping ground, addition of rugged rocks can enhance even flat outdoor spaces by giving them a rustic look.

Design and construction of rockeries is a job for experienced professionals like Olympic Rockeries & Construction. Installation of sustainable rockeries in Newcastle, WA calls for the services of technicians with:

  • Creativity to design a unique, attractive rock garden
  • Understanding of how to choose the location for the rockery
  • Knowledge of the right plants to combine with the boulders
  • Patience, diligence and strength to do the necessary labor
  • Access to earth-moving equipment and other necessary tools

Our company has been constructing custom-designed rockeries in Newcastle since 2004. The exceptional skills of our crew are amply proven by the amazing rockeries that are enriching the properties of our numerous customers.

If you too are interested in having a rock garden in your yard, call us now!

Newcastle Rockery Wall


We can build rockeries in all sizes and shapes. Rockeries can be as big or as small as the outdoor space and wallet of the property owners allow. You can utilize our expertise for creating a miniature rock garden in a container or constructing a rockery wall in case installing an extensive rockery in your yard is not feasible.

Rock wall construction can be done for decorative as well as functional reasons. Call us to install a rockery wall in your Newcastle property if you want to add a dramatic element to heighten the landscape aesthetics. We can also install a rockery wall in your yard for holding back soil and preventing erosion.

Either way, the rock wall construction is done:

  • By expert and dedicated technicians
  • With carefully sourced, high-quality material
  • Without rushing through the job

Newcastle Rock Wall Construction


Rocks are associated with:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Durability

Therefore, property owners who invest in rockeries or go in for rock wall construction in Newcastle expect the resulting structures to stand solid for years to come.

Realizing this, we work hard to ensure that every rockery or rockery wall is built to withstand diverse weather conditions and last long. We take a detail-oriented, long-term perspective to the rock wall construction jobs. We are committed to helping customers make the most of their investment in rock wall construction.

Need to get a rock garden or rockery wall constructed in your Newcastle property? Call Olympic Rockeries & Construction at (206) 456-6303.