Port of Seattle Rockeries


The values of a property primarily depend on its look and curb appeal. You can enhance the look and value of your home by including rockeries in the outdoor living spaces. If you have been looking for a reliable company for rockery wall construction, we can help. We at Olympic Rockeries & Const. offer high quality services for rockeries for Port of Seattle, WA residents.

As an experienced company, we offer the following services besides rockeries:

  • Retaining walls
  • Excavation
  • Steps and risers
  • Land clearings

When you choose us for installing rockeries in your property, you can rest assured of high quality services. We have vast experience in installing rockeries in different types of landscapes and will provide highly satisfactory services. You can trust us for choosing the best form of rockeries for your landscape.

Port of Seattle Rockery Wall


Having a rockery wall in your landscape serves dual purpose. On the one hand it adds certain elegance to it and on the other it prevents the erosion of soil from the slopes. We have been offering services for the construction of rockery walls for Port of Seattle residents. Depending upon your budget and the preference for rockeries, we can use any of the rocks for the rockery wall:

  • Limestone
  • Basalt
  • Slate
  • Ingenious rock
  • Boulders

We will adorn the rockery wall with different elements and plantation to give a complete look to it. We ensure that the rockery wall is sturdy and can withstand the pressure of the changing elements of nature. You can trust us with choosing the best quality rockeries for constructing the rockery wall.

Port of Seattle Rock Wall Construction


Rock wall construction is not constructing an ordinary wall. It requires proper planning and execution for rock wall construction. With the plethora of companies offering services related to rockeries and rock wall construction in Port of Seattle, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, you can choose us for rock wall construction in Port of Seattle as we have:

  • Rockeries experts
  • Creative experts
  • Cutting edge equipment
  • Several years of experience

With us as the company for rock wall construction in your home, you can rest assured that you have invested your money well. We will ensure that the rockeries that we install stay put for many years giving your home an elegant look.

Feel free to call Olympic Rockeries & Const. at (206) 456-6303 for any services related to rockeries in Port of Seattle.