Redmond Rockeries

rockeries-redmond-waWell-designed rockeries can be a stunning landscaping feature. A rock garden adds rich textural personality to the garden.

Whether made solely with stone boulders or with a mix of rock work and delicate plants, rockeries create great visual interest in the yard.

In fact, rockeries are one of the best hardscape elements to build:

  • On land with a tough-to-mow slope
  • In a yard with infertile soil
  • On land full of rock-outcroppings
  • Landscape on waterfront properties
  • For property owners who want a low maintenance landscape
  • An out-of-the-ordinary backyard

At Olympic Rockeries & Construction, we specialize in design and construction of rockeries. We have been building rockeries in Redmond, WA properties since 2004 and have proven our unmatched capabilities for rockery construction over countless projects.

Property owners who are planning to invest in rockeries in Redmond should remember that rock work can make their garden, but break their back! They would do well to leave the construction of rockeries to well-trained and well-equipped professionals like us.

Redmond Rockery Wall

rockery-wall-redmond-waNo rockery design and construction job is too big or too small for us. We are as happy offering our expert services for laying down extensive rockeries as we are when hired for installing a standalone rockery wall in any Redmond property.

Many of the jobs undertaken by us for rock wall construction are done in yards with improperly graded land, with the rockery wall meant for holding back the soil.

However, our services are also available for creating a decorative rockery wall at a strategic place, making the structure an interesting focal point of the garden.

Our technicians can build a rockery wall with rocks of different:

  • Types (natural stone boulders and pre-cast stone blocks)
  • Materials (granite, limestone and basalt rock)
  • Sizes (1 Man, 2 man or 3 man rock)
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Textures

Redmond Rock Wall Construction

rock-wall-construction-redmond-waRock wall construction is not a job to be handed over to just about any hardscaping company.

Poor rock wall construction in any Redmond property has not only shoddy but also dangerous outcomes. For instance, careless installation of dry stack rockery wall or mortared rock wall construction without drainage arrangement can cause the structure to collapse anytime.

Hire us for rock wall construction to get a structure that is extremely:

  • Strong
  • Functional
  • Long-lasting
  • Reliable
  • Smooth-edged and safe
  • Beautiful

When it comes to construction of large rockeries or a simple rockery wall, Redmond residents should put their trust in Olympic Rockeries & Construction. Call (206) 456-6303.

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