SeaTac Rockeries


An exquisitely landscaped yard can significantly increase the curb appeal and value of a property. One way people can enhance their properties is through construction of rockeries or rock gardens.

Depending on the yard size, rockeries in SeaTac, WA properties can be installed along with the conventional landscaping features or entire outdoor spaces can be filled with tactically-placed boulders, stones and pebbles. There are a number of benefits offered by rockeries over the traditional gardens. Rockeries:

  • Add depth to the yard with a natural, rustic look
  • Make the yard look full and large, but not overgrown
  • Can sustain in harsh climatic conditions
  • Look great all through the year
  • Need every little maintenance

Olympic Rockeries & Construction designs and builds rockeries for SeaTac residents who wish to add a unique visual interest and diversity to their outdoor spaces. Founded in 2004, our company can install rockeries of all types and sizes. From elaborate rockeries to dry creek to a standalone rockery wall, we can construct them all.

SeaTac Rockery Wall


Need retaining walls installed in your sloped yard to stop soil erosion and facilitate landscaping. Consider hiring our rock wall construction services. A rockery wall can not only resolve your grading issues but also make for a decorative focal point in the landscape.

You can even get us to construct a rockery wall on your SeaTac property for solely aesthetic purpose. We can build a rockery wall to accent the pond, around the outdoor fireplace and along the yard periphery.

No matter what the reason, location and size of the rockery wall we build for you, we go all to ensure that it is:

  • Solid
  • Stable
  • Straight
  • Hard-wearing

SeaTac Rock Wall Construction


Creating sustainable rockeries or building a long-lasting rockery wall is easier said than done. Working with rocks can be difficult, and not just because they are heavy! A number of factors, such as land gradient, type of soil, drainage issues, etc. have to be kept in mind during rockeries and rock wall construction for the structures to be durable.

With our extensive knowledge, experience and capabilities, we can be trusted for seamless rockery and rock wall construction by SeaTac residents. We also ensure that our rockeries and rock wall construction jobs are completed:

  • On time
  • Within budget
  • To 100% satisfaction of the customer
  • In a hassle-free, professional manner

Dial (206) 456-6303 to learn more about rockeries or discuss your rock wall construction project in SeaTac with the experts at Olympic Rockeries & Construction.