Shoreline Rockeries

rockeries-shoreline-waSince 2004, Olympic Rockeries & Construction has been one of the best places to call for people who want to get rockeries constructed on their Shoreline, WA property.

We have helped numerous property owners make optimum utilization of their rock-strewn yard by creating amazing rockeries or rock gardens.

Actually, our company has even built imaginatively-designed rockeries on several properties with normal terrain and fertile soil.

Rockeries are a great way of giving a unique character to the yard by combining rugged stone boulders with delicate flowers and foliage. However, the true potential of rockeries can be realized only when seasoned pros like us are hired for rockery construction.

We are reputed for ensuring that rockeries for our Shoreline customers are always made:

  • By highly skilled technicians
  • Passionately, without rushing through the job
  • Using top-grade materials
  • Working with keen attention to detail
  • True to their vision and expectations
  • To stand up to the elements and last for years

Shoreline Rockery Wall

rockery-wall-shoreline-waOur hardscape company can create rockeries in different designs and sizes.

Depending on the size of the land we are working and the preference of our customer, we can incorporate a number of elements into the rockeries. These include rock steps, pebble riverbed, rock art and rockery wall.

Installation of a rockery wall helps Shoreline residents create dramatic visual interest in the landscaping.

Consider hiring us for rock wall construction if you want to make a simple, yet stunning addition to the hardscape elements in your yard.

In fact, we can construct rockery wall for decorative as well as functional reasons. Our services are available for building a rockery wall:

  • To control soil erosion and plant on a sloped land
  • In the pond/pool area
  • Along the landscape periphery
  • Behind the waterfall
  • To outline the patio
  • As a waterfront rock barrier

Shoreline Rock Wall Construction

rock-wall-construction-shoreline-waOur services for rock wall construction in Shoreline are second to none. We:

  • Are good for any residential/commercial rock wall construction job
  • Work with rocks of different types
  • Can make rockery wall of any length or height
  • Finish rock wall construction jobs fast
  • Charge competitive prices
  • Remove all debris and tools from jobsite before leaving

Call us for rock wall construction with 1Man, 2 Man or 3 Man rock; basalt, granite, limestone, flagstone or igneous rock boulders; and more.

Dial (206) 456-6303 to learn about rockeries from the experts at Olympic Rockeries & Construction or for scheduling rockery wall installation job in Shoreline.